Letter From Rav Shua – 17 March 2020

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To Our Dear Kehilla

I write to you with a heavy heart but with a strong spirit. Like you I never imagined a day quite like this when we have suspended all of our daily minyanim, our regular activities and all the things that bind us together in our wonderful Shul.

However, as our government takes ever stronger measures to ensure public safety, especially for the most vulnerable, I strongly support the very difficult decision of the Board of Management to suspend all Shul services, effective immediately until further notice. This includes both weekday and Shabbat services, lectures, shiurim and social activities. All this is in line with many other communities in Sydney and globally.

We understand that this decision impacts many within our community; for some Shul is a place for prayer, for others a place to connect with the community and for some a place that just feels safe. We know that Mizrachi is at the forefront of the hearts and minds of many of our members and we therefore acknowledge how difficult and painful this decision is for us all. However, our primary Halachic responsibility is to the health and wellbeing of everyone, above and beyond our obligation to daven in a minyan or to say Kaddish.

We implore our members not to attend other Minyanim and not to form private Minyanim. This will undermine our communal effort to slow the spread of coronavirus within our own community as well as the wider community.
Taking this extremely serious measure reflects the severity of this unprecedented situation. It goes without saying that if we are forfeiting minyanim, we must be equally vigilant to avoid other places of non-essential gathering.

Of course, now more then ever, we need to look out and support each other. As mentioned previously we have set up a group of volunteers to help those who might be in need of support in the coming days and weeks. If you are interested in being part of that group or know someone who might be in need of help please be in touch with me on 0416 672 425 or Natalie on 0407 441 474.

We realize how difficult it will be for people not to be able to say Kaddish for a loved one during their time of mourning or on a Yartzeit. I have organized for a community overseas to say Kaddish for your loved ones. Please message me if you would like him to organize this for you.

With Pesach fast approaching, I will be presenting short ideas of strength and inspiration at 8pm each night. To join these lessons please click on this link – https://zoom.us/j/7731538153.

Being isolated doesn’t need to mean being lonely. As always, I am available at all times if you have any questions or need support in any way – call me on 0416 672 425.

Please look after each other, look after yourselves and reach out if you need any assistance from the community.

Rav Shua Solomon