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The Talmud states, “The commandment to be charitable is in its weight as much as all the rest of the commandments in total.”

The Gen17 Jewish Community Survey was a nationwide study designed to gather detailed information about Australia’s Jewish community. Launched in February 2017, it replicated the 2008 study to measure the extent of change that has occurred within the Jewish population.

Some of the results of the Gen17 survey revealed an Australian Jewish community that is gradually shifting away from traditional/ Orthodox positions towards more progressive and secular streams. One of the starkest results is that of intermarriage and the challenge it presents to Jewish continuity.

The Gen17 survey included several questions about Jewish people’s general attitudes toward ‘marrying another Jew’. 63% of respondents express some level of concern about intermarriage in Australia. Lower levels of concern were expressed among those aged 18-39 regardless of Jewish identification.

While intermarriage has been gradually increasing in Australia over the past 40 years and is 10% higher in Sydney than in Melbourne, Gen17 found that the intermarriage rate for the period 2010 – 2017 was 33% almost double than the 1990’s rate.

Jewish continuity is an issue of which all Australian Jews are acutely aware. Mizrachi Bondi is ready to take up the challenge. Our response will be innovative and tangible, and we will provide our young adult community with an authentic and meaningful way to engage with their Judaism.

The time to act is now. We need to do all we can to ensure the future of Jewish continuity.

Join us, take up the challenge. Help make a difference.