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The Chazan of Mizrachi Bondi is Isser Feiglin.

Isser Feiglin began his singing career at the young age of four, at a school kindergarten concert. Following his debut, his career went into hiatus as even his parents were sure that their son was moderately, if not absolutely, tone deaf.

Not to be dissuaded, Isser kept singing, braving the criticism and hurting ear drums far and wide. After participating in numerous choirs without being selected for any special role, Isser finally sang solo in public again at age 12, when he accompanied his father Avigdor, Chazzan (cantor) at Gandel-Besen Synagogue in Melbourne, during Yom Kippur services. A string of performances followed – if you count his barmitzvah Torah-reading as one – until he finally won his own Chazzan cantorial role in Tasmania at age 16. Due to his popularity, it was necessary for him to pay his own airfare.

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