New Vision. New Direction

Investing in our future while preserving our past


The Campaign

The purpose of our fundraising campaign is to reinvigorate and rejuvenate Mizrachi Bondi. Built in 1973, it is now time to refurbish and upgrade our shule to provide the amenities, comfort and flexible community space to meet the demands of our growing kehilla. 

We will no longer just be a shule but rather a vibrant hub at the heart of Sydney’s Modern Orthodox, Zionist community facilitating social, cultural and religious programs and activities.

Services this week

Friday 14 August 2020- 24 Av 5780

All services currently require pre registration.

Kabalat Shabbat 6:00pm
Shabbat Day (Saturday)
Hashkama Minyan 7:30am
Shacharit 9:45am

Shabbat candle lighting will be at 5:05pm and Shabbat will end at 6:05pm

This weeks Parsha is Re’eh and it is Shabbat Mevarachim

After Shabbat
Mincha Maariv (Sunday-Thursday) 7:30pm
Shacharit (Sunday) 8:00am
Shacharit (Monday-Friday) 7:45am
Women’s Shiur (Wednesday) 11.00am
Gemara (Tuesday)  8:00pm